On Assignment with Adama by Susan Isabelle

FREE SHIPPING USA! In On Assignment with Adama, you will meet Adama as the author did, atop Mt Shasta in California in 1999... Susan Isabelle writes, "I quite unexpectedly heard his voice speak to me. Hearing the message that day, I agreed to begin a work with Adama on behalf of humanity. I agreed to travel throughout the Earth, visit and seal thirty six Sacred Earth sites with Adama and the Lemurians. Dedicated to the Light of The Highest, El Elyon, God Most High, these thirty six Sacred Earthsites are reserved, sacred sites for the coming evolution of mankind. They will assist in the transition, ascension of humanity; our evolution. In this agreement, the Lemurian peoples will come at the time of our ascension, hold the integrity of the earth at these sites, and stabilize time for us. Adama is Holy and the people of Telos, or Shambhala, are an ascended, future people. They are an aspect of our future selves. You will learn much about them and the culture of Lemuria, their history and their hopes for humanity as they now contact us. You will journey with me to the first two sites , one in Central America, and experience the Shambhala Energy. The Lemurians and the Ancients offer much to the world at this time and it is interwoven with the revelations of higher Truths and their teachings in this writing. Secrets are revealed! Earth Healing, activation of sites and the Crystal Skulls of the Maya were directed by the Lemurians and the Angelic realm. The ancient Mayan Gods and Spirits intervened to assist the completion of my task. They also had a few incredible side jobs planned for me while I was in Belize Central America! I returned with their Universal Gift to humanity! You?ll learn a lot more about that in my next book. In Book II, We The Lemurians Shall Come, the journey continues and the excitement grows!"

On Assignment with Adama by Susan Isabelle
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